How to Combat Celiac Disease on Children


Celiac disease has a long history and also several names. He called it koiliakos, which comes from the word koelia (Greek for intestine). Celiac disease indicates an autoimmune disease in which the consumption of gluten causes symptoms and discomfort. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of manifestations of gluten intolerance, not all of which can be detected with certainty by existing testing procedures. It can be upsetting not knowing what you can and can’t eat, which is what celiac disease is. And you can read more about it at

Do Some Research


Taking the opportunity to research a celiac disease and understand cross-contamination can be a huge relief. With this unknown comes even more stress. I searched reputable websites to find these facts and factual information. It was strangely comforting to know that a massive population of people have the exact identification.

However, what I didn’t realize is that there is some very delicious gluten-free bread on the market today, it’s just a matter of trial and error to find out which ones are delicious. From local bakeries to my favorite, I have found that I don’t have to sacrifice taste. As my tummy is very sensitive, it’s nice to have these options that I can trust not to give me a tummy ache.

Find the Right Food

healthy foods

There are so many fantastic varieties made with rice and quinoa, No more pasta. Thankfully, many restaurant menus now have a reference to “GF” along with gluten-free things. Still, nothing is much more overwhelming than walking into a restaurant and finding that there is only one thing on the menu that you can eat.

Using apps, the restaurant’s website, and using sites has made me do way too much research before eating out.  Take advantage of circumstances. Yes, sometimes I get tired of people assuming that gluten-free isn’t just a fad, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what people think.

Find Support


There is nothing worse than visiting family and realizing that there are no gluten-free alternatives for miles around, It’s an empowering feeling. I’ve learned to always have a few snacks on hand when I travel, but on many occasions when I’m rushing out the door and can’t make it, it’s great that one of my parents or in-laws knows the kind of products I like to eat and can grab a few to choose for me.

It’s no fun to attend a group dinner because none of the “menus” fit your dietary needs. Family members and friends almost always need to provide options, but they are not educated on gluten-free. By teaching and guiding them, they become experts and help reduce eating in their environment.


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