Tips to Maintain Colostomy Bag Properly

colostomy bag

Some people who had colostomy surgery might be wondering about how they could maintain the ostomy bag. Besides, they might get confused that they could take a shower with that or not. According to the medical experts, they could cover up colostomy bag when they are bathing. However, people should learn more about ostomy maintenance to prevent some severe issues in the future. They could perform the treatments at home based on the doctor’s instruction. Although following your colostomy procedure can be confusing and challenging, there seems to be a lot to figure out. One of the essential lessons you need to know is how to care for your stoma properly. These are the steps to maintain your ostomy bag at home;

stoma bag

Understand the Ostomy Bag

The stoma is the soft, pink, cherry-like tissue that connects your intestines to the outside world. There are three types of stomas located in different regions of the intestines. The stoma acts as an opening through which individual waste in the form of feces or urine is expelled, so it requires constant but gentle cleaning. Based on the explanation, you might have understood that the colostomy bag will cover the stoma on your body. Therefore, it is essential to know how to maintain your ostomy bag properly.

Determine the Water Types

It suggests that it does not have nerve endings that cause pain or water that is too hot. However, if you have a weak hematoma that is causing bleeding, consult your doctor. Besides, cleaning around the stoma is not that difficult. You could learn the modules to help you understand it well. Therefore, you can gently wash the stoma with the wipes you have in your stoma supply.

Perform the Cleaning Process

After those two steps, you can begin to wash your ostomy bag. Then, clean the feathers and crevices where feces or stale pee can get stuck. You could use the first sheet of wipes for each size. If you notice fecal matter on your skin, wash it off and then wash it thoroughly with wet wipes. However, you can shower without the ostomy bag if you feel the need and gently clean the stoma. It would be better to perform the cleaning process twice a day. Therefore, you can keep it clean and avoid some infection potentials.

Sterilize the Tools

For proper ostomy management, these tools should always be kept in mind. There are pre-moistened wipes that you can use, but they may contain products that could irritate the skin. It is a good idea to keep any dry wipes that might be the wipes. It would be better not to reuse after each use. Then, you should sterilize the tools before and after the cleaning process. Do not use only bath soap with proprietary additives because it can irritate. If desired, check the soap ingredients. Therefore, you could ensure your stoma always clean.

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