Tips for Choosing the Best Ping Pong Paddle

Ping pong is one of the fun an entertaining indoor games that are played at the local recreation centers. More than ten million players participate in ping pong tournaments every year. Anyone who is interested in playing this game is expected to practice hard and use the right table tennis accessories. Picking the right table tennis paddles is very important for the player because it gives hi/her better control of the ball. This write is going to guide you in selecting the best paddle for portable table options. paddle-blade

Ping pong paddles consist of six primary components. These include the handle, the backhand rubber and sponge, the blade, and the forehead rubber and sponge. You should choose equipment that suits your play style. Outlined here below are the critical factors that you should consider when buying table tennis paddles:


The paddle’s blade is very important. This is the part that determines control, feel and power. Blades are made using different types of wood layers and are often mixed with synthetic fibers or carbon. Blades vary greatly when it comes to specs and weight. You should select a blade that matches your playing style.


Table tennis paddles are equipped with rubber which has a great effect on power and spin. The sponge and rubber work together, making it easier for the player to strike the ball. Some players focus on the trajectory and speed of the ball, but others focus on control or spin.


ping pong player The way you play ping pong has a significant impact on the paddle that you use. For instance, defensive players use greater placement and control when beating their opponents. Such players are advised to choose great paddles like battery 401. Attack-minded players favor long shots, and they prefer using butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL paddles. In general, there are different paddle options that players can choose from.


The racket’s grip plays an essential role when someone is playing tennis. Some players prefer the penhold grip, but other prefer the Shakehand grip. The way a player holds the racket determined the kind of handle that he/she prefers. For example, straight handles are helpful for those guys who prefer the firm grip. Flared handles are ideal for those people who have a looser grip. Most of the penhold players like short handles that allow them to grip the handles near the top.

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